Our Beliefs.

Our Distinctives.

These are changing times where our post-modern culture questions like Pontius Pilate, “What is truth?” Those in the world are anchorless and lost at sea, without hope, without answers, and without direction. However, God designed the church to be different, firmly founded on the rock of Christ and rooted in His timeless word. The church is to function as a lighthouse in the world, both warning of danger and lighting the way. Its mission is to give hope to a lost and dying world by faithfully ministering the same message of Christ crucified that turned the world upside down 2,000 years ago.

Berean Bible Church aims to be faithful to the church’s timeless identity and mission. Times change and cultures change, but the church is meant to be as timeless as Christ and His word. We must be relevant, of course—but that does not come by importing the latest gimmick or whim of the culture into the church. Rather it comes by showing how God’s timeless truth impacts lives today.

Along these lines, here some of Berean Bible Church’s key distinctives:

The church is called to be in the world but not of the world. Sometimes this involves sharing the reproach of Christ. But it is a sad day when you can visit a local church and come away feeling they are ashamed of the Lord. At Berean Bible Church however, we are not ashamed of Christ, the foolishness of the cross, or the message of the gospel.

If the church needed entertainment, God would have given actors. If the church needed laughter, God would have given comedians. If the church needed life tips, God would have given motivational speakers. But God knew His people needed life-changing truth delivered straight to the heart, so He gave preachers. See for yourself how the passionate preaching of God’s word produces more hope, joy, and change than the best the world has to offer.

People still want direction and answers in life, but they are looking in all the wrong places. They fail to realize that God has given His complete revelation in the Bible and that it contains everything we need for life and godliness. We don’t need a voice from heaven or a burning bush in our path, for we have something better—the more-sure Word. At Berean, we still believe and operate as if the Bible is completely sufficient for all that God calls us to do.

Many today are desperate to experience God and His presence, but they mistake God’s presence for an emotional high. But God defines the worship He seeks and to Him, true worship is always driven by the truth, which in turn produces genuine affection in our hearts and holiness in our lives. Such true worship will indeed produce an experience of reverence for God in the believer and we believe such worship is not only our Sunday focus, but our daily purpose.

Jesus created the church to be a community centered on love—love for God, love for one another, and love for the lost. We express that love by exalting God, edifying one another, and evangelizing the lost in a way that is selfless and sacrificial, just like Christ. Berean Bible Church aims to be such a community fostering a holy love, so that as Jesus said, the world may come to know Him through our love.

“Christ is the head of the church. It is His mind that informs the church. We have the mind of Christ, and the mind of Christ is revealed in the Scripture, and this is what we preach.”

~John MacArthur

Our Doctrine.

A simple statement of what we believe about core, essential Christian truths.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, sufficient and authoritative for all matters of faith, life, and godliness.

The Trinity

We believe there is one God, eternally existing in three distinct persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ Person & Work

We believe Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, lived a perfect life, died a substitutionary death on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried and after three days rose from the dead, conquering death, and is now seated at the right hand of God.


We believe all men are sinners, falling short of the glory of God, and are in need of salvation from sin and its consequences.


We believe that salvation is by God’s grace, mercy, and faith alone, through the preaching of the gospel, repentance, and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

The New Life in Christ

We believe every believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and is able and expected to walk in the newness of the Spirit by obeying God and growing in Christlikeness.


We believe that salvation includes regeneration which produces increasing obedience and transformation into the image of Christ.

The Future Resurrection

We believe in the future resurrection of those who have died, the saved to eternal life and the unsaved to eternal punishment.

The Unity of the Church

We believe in the universal church whereby all true believers are united through faith in Christ according to the truth of God’s Word.

The Second Coming

We believe in the second bodily coming of Jesus Christ to set up a literal kingdom on earth which will last one thousand years and will be followed by the eternal state and the new heavens and earth.